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Our Services

Dry Cleaning

When you drop off your clothes, we will separate the whites from the colors before the dry cleaning process so that your clothes are as good as new when you pick them up.


We thoroughly check each item and adhere to the manufacturer's suggested care recommendations. Any clothing may be washed. Unless you request otherwise, we will generally wash them.

Ironing / Pressing

In New Blue Diamond Laundry, we offer the best ironing service. We pick up your wrinkled clothes, wash them, iron them, and return them to you looking like new! We will iron nearly everything, from gowns to shirts to cotton pants!

Curtain Cleaning

New Blue Diamond Laundry provides a simple on-demand curtain dry cleaning service. Call us and we'll take care of the rest. A reliable and easy service for dry cleaning curtains. With free pickup and delivery, as usual, you can expect your curtains to be thoroughly dry cleaned and back to you in no time! It's no longer necessary to drag curtains to the dry cleaners. It's never been easier to dry clean curtains. It is both quick and affordable.

We constantly strive for the finest potential outcomes. As a result, our experts thoroughly analyze your curtains' dry cleaning requirements, providing them with the attention they need.

"We recommend that you clean your curtains and window coverings every six months." Book a collection with us now to guarantee that your curtains are clean all year! Call, book, and you're done!

Carpet Cleaning

Hospital Garments

We hold expertise in offering Hospital Laundry Services. These services are used in various hospitals for cleaning clothes. These services are correctly examined by the quality control department.

Uniform cleaning services use custom wash formulas for the maximum uniform cleanliness. Our laundry detergents are 100% environmentally friendly.

Heavy Duty Uniform

We Offer Premium Quality Laundry & Dry Cleaning services for Hotels & Hospitality ... F&B linen and all other laundry items in the hospitality industry.

House Keeping

Get Your Garments Professionally Laundered, Steam Finished, and Packed With new blue diamond laundry.

Regular Laundry

- Dubai's Reputable Carpet Cleaning Services.


New Blue Diamond Laundry is a top-tier carpet laundry company in Dubai with an impeccable track record. With years of significant knowledge and skill in carpet cleaning, our carpet cleaning specialists have offered top-notch carpet washing in Dubai to both residential and commercial clients. Our ultra-modern carpet cleaning laundry in Dubai offers prices that are just incomparable.

- Eco-Friendly And Safe Products Are Used.


We not only use high-quality, eco-friendly products to remove stains, Filth, dust, and germs from your carpet, but we also make sure they are safe for your children and pets. Our thorough cleaning and sanitization will destroy 99 percent of viruses and bacteria.

F&B Linen

We Offer Premium Quality Laundry & Dry Cleaning services for Hotels & HospitalityHotels have two main options when it comes to laundry. They can either wash linens in-house or outsource services to a commercial laundry facility.